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How to make EtherChannel on Cisco Switches

Hi again
To involve two NIC in switch trunking  just need a simple configuration on both switches.

in configuration mode just select each interface and apply the same channel mode to them.

therefore we should run the following commands :

FirstSwitch#conf t

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
FirstSwitch(config)#interface fast 0/23

FirstSwitch(config-if)#channel-group 1 mode on

Creating a port-channel interface Port-channel 1

FirstSwitch(config-if)#interface fast 0/24

FirstSwitch(config-if)#channel-group 1 mode on

there is still problem. if one interfaces will down the hole trunking system has been stop. is there any idea to have multiple trunk interface with redundancy ?!

thats it

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